Daily life in the North | Ep. 58

44 İzlenme· 12 Dec 2021
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Hi my loves!
It's been such a crazy beautiful time this last month, and it's been a lot of good things happening, which I want to share with you in this video. But he past 2 weeks have been extremely cold so in the middle of the editing of this video I had to stop working and just take care of my house and keep the fires alive. That's why it took so long time for me to upload this video.
But now its finally done and IM SO HAPPY to connect with you all again!

I had so much more I wanted to share in this video but that I didn't have time to edit. For example a scene when me and Johan talks about how grateful we felt for all the loving comments that we got on the previous video. So I say it now instead from both of us, THANK YOU!!! ♥

I hope you will enjoy this long video from the daily life in the North of Sweden!
Sending you all a big hug and lots of love!

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You can find most of the songs here:
http://share.epidemicsound.com/pR9G6​ (affiliate link)
Livets Ånde - Judah Earl (Musicbed)
Iles - Jordan Critz (Musicbed)
Wildflower - Companion (Musicbed)
After the storm - Cameron Mackay (Artlist)
Dragon Call - Deskant
Light in your hand - Sad Moses (Musicbed)
Brace - Siarte
Ikigai - Why we wander (Musicbed)
Sphinx - David Celeste
Appeased soundscape 03 - August Wilhelmsson
Sky Within us - Stephen Blake Kanicka (musicbed)
Meadows in Smaland - Franz Gordon
Soothe - Will Pearce (Musicbed)
Mountain Air - Cody Francis
Walking slow - Lars Monsen
Desert Wasteland - Deskant
Into the forest - Jakob Ahlbom
Calm heart wild river - Sad Moses (Musicbed)
The Wonders of light - Snow Dept
Desert wasteland - Deskant


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